Fred and George oh so hot (weazleywheezes) wrote,
Fred and George oh so hot

  • Mood:

hi ho the holly

Fred: At home now. Let the Weasly festitivites comence. I'm drunk. My cooooter is itchey. Nice rack babey want a ride on my broomesticek? Geroge is lame. O'm going to bang out with Charlie becausse he has a dragonn. Harry has a fireebolt. Nive. Noicw. Danm. Nice. Finaalt got ir. Todaat is me bitchday. haehaa. Fooledf you. Percey likes to keerp his wand bolished if uyo knoe what i mean. haawha. Ron lost in chest. To georefe. Fisrts timee for evrthing. Boffnight.
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